Episode 35 – Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Thirty days ’til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.
Thirty days ’til Halloween… John and Alexx Hate Stuff.
Tonight we pierce the veil between the realms to discuss Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Please pretend that John and I are wearing really shitty masks while talking…. it will make things just that much better.

Episode 34 – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

John and Alexx Hate Stuff: Episode 34: Port of Call: Dank Basement Studio.

This is a special movie: a movie of drug use, of mystical lizards, of subdued Kilmer, and most importantly: a movie of questions: Such as: What happened to the fish? Where is the kibble? Is this movie a sequel? Is it a remake? Is it something else altogether? Fuck if I know. What I can tell you is: that: it’s: “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” and:: we talked about::: it:::: Enjoy! : :

Episode 32 – Justice League

Tonight, we celebrate the return of Martha’s son by watching “Justice League.” Then John and Alexx raced to the west coast- Spoiler alert: We already live on that coast and therefore the race was as stupid of an idea as this movie. Enjoy!

Episode 31 – Escape to Victory w/ Matt Case

Pele? Check. Stallone? Check. Nazis? Check. What else could you ask for? That’s right, tonight we watched “Escape to Victory” with the help of special football correspondent Matt Case. Enjoy!

Episode 30 – Sicilian Vampire

In this vampire-adjacent episode, John and Alexx watch Frank D’Angelo’s “Sicilian Vampire” then speak in Italian for no explicable reason.


Episode 29 – Event Horizon

Hoc eventu alexx et alexx intrare spatium foramen nigrum in nuper 90s horror ‘Vicis Horizon “… Et timere, latine. (In this episode John and Alexx enter the black hole of late 90s space horror “Event Horizon”… Be afraid, in Latin.)

Episode 28 – Reign of Fire

Episode 28, wherein two glands in the form of podcasters form their verbal excretions together to catch the internet ablaze! And by that I mean John and Alexx discuss “Reign of Fire”

Episode 27 – Pan’s Labyrinth

Have you ever wanted to hear a Russian impression of Guillermo del Toro? Well, we’ve got you covered! Please, get lost in this in-depth discussion of Pan’s Labyrinth.  See what I did there? Get lost…. you know, like in a labyrinth…. I’m sorry.

Episode 26 – John Wick

In this action-packed episode, John and Alexx get revenge on puppy killers by discussing “John Wick”. How is that revenge, you ask? Well, obviously you’ve never been stuck in a room with us.