Episode 95 – Suburban Sasquatch

The fellas dive into this no-budget creature feature with unexpected results. Alexx puts on his best duct tape and shows off some new vocal skills. Meanwhile, the sight of Bigfoot’s dong sends John into a Proustian reverie about his own filmmaking past.

Next episode: Highlander 2: The Quickening

Episode 94 – Uncut Gems

The Safdie brothers thriller is as multi-faceted as the titular gem itself. John sees Howard Ratner’s struggle as a microcosm of the human existence where we fruitlessly try to gain forward progress while trapped on the hamster wheel of modern existence. Alexx wants more dick jokes.

Next episode starts terrible movie month with “Suburban Sasquatch”

Episode 93 – You’ve Got Mail

“You’ve got males.” Get it? Like the AOL soundclip, and John and Alexx identify as male? It’s a homonym joke…

Anyway, in this week’s paean to NYC (it’s like another main character!), Alexx and John discuss You’ve Got Mail. Cyber sex was had, ASCII dicks were created, and Alexx has a mental health breakdown. Enjoy!

Next Episode: Uncut Gems

Episode 92 – The Mummy (1999)

Tonight 𓁃 and 𓀷 discuss The Mummy. 𓀷 mostly talks about Star Wars while 𓁃 drools over practical effects. Also: making hieroglyphs work in this box was very hard so forgive the boring write-up.

Next episode: “You’ve Got Mail”

Episode 91 – Knives Out

As the great detective Sherlock Holmes once said “Watson! You totally barfed when that guy lied.” Wise words…. wise words. Anyway, John and Alexx watched Knives out.

Episode 90 – WW84

No more toxic friends in 2021. This includes Wonder Woman. There’s also a new segment on the show that’s not about a dude’s teeth.

Episode 89 – Elf

The elves were the least funny part of Lord of the Rings, but somehow like those Minions, they got their own spinoff. Special guest Steph Infection from TMITuesday joins us to discuss this new Xmas classic.

A still from the film Elf where Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf builds toys in Santa's workshop with other elves. Below this is the film's title and the logo for the podcast

Episode 88 – Dick Tracy

Revisiting Warren Beatty’s 1990 carnival of grotesques recalls the bold, brassy magic of musical theater by way of Dario Argento. Also Alexx reveals a dark secret about his mysterious past.

Episode 86 – Noah

Join John and Alexx on the Ark of friendship (and snarky comments) to discuss Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah”. Joke goes here.