Episode 111 – Jennifer’s Body

Horror month marches onward with this tale of cruel patriarchy, toxic friendship and even more toxic dialogue.

Next: The Empty Man (2020)

Episode 109 – Land of the Lost

Super excited to welcome Rob Campbell from Green Shirt Podcast!

Way less excited about the movie we discussed!

Episode 108 – Psycho Goreman

The name says it all. Thanks to Patrick Zeroone for the suggestion!

Next episode: Land of the Lost

Episode 107 – Ad Astra

In the tradition of 2001, Solaris and Space Truckers, comes this thoughtful glimpse into the soul of one man who…CHIMP FIGHT! IT’S GOT A CHIMP FIGHT! IN SPACE!!!!!

Next episode: Psycho Goreman

Episode 106 – Ladyhawke

What do you get when you combine Roy Batty, Catwoman, and Ferris Bueller? Buddy, what you got right there is a Nighthawke. But, hey, at least the soundtrack is good.

*some audio issues on this one. The issue should be resolved for next episode. Apologies.

Next Episode: Ad Astra

Bonus – The Suicide Squad

We made a dark promise to one another after the first one that we’d watch the next one. Guess we’re just twisted, like the allegedly beautiful mind of James Gunn. Was it as crappy, or just stinky? These are the questions you are dying to know.

Episode 105 – Flash Gordon

A fun, goofy pulp comic becomes a goofier action romp. Alexx gets hornier than usual for Brian Blessed and Max Von Sydow. We get listener feedback…or do we???

Next Episode: Ladyhawke

Episode 104 – Krull

Have you ever been listening to all of Hawkwind’s albums at once while a bookcase of Terry Brooks novels falls on your skull? Congrats! You’ve got what it takes to write this 1983 fantasy film!

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Episode 103 – Nightcrawler

Gritty, uncompromising and daring are no longer just words to describe Arby’s Big Beef ‘n Cheddar thanks to this 2014 thriller.

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