Episode 9 – Equilibrium

Welcome to episode 9, wherein your devoted Grammaton Clerics strike their favorite Gun Kata poses to discuss the 2002 Christian Bale classic “Equilibrium.”

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Episode 8 – Red Sonja

In this episode, our heroes trudge through the ruin-strewn wasteland of the Hyborian Age to provide their takes on the 1985 debacle “Red Sonja.”

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Episode 7 – The Order of the Black Eagle

Episode 007, wherein John and Alexx watch a cut-rate James Bond fight the forces of evil with the help of his trusty sidekick baboon. Also there’s a cake-based Hitler.

Episode 6 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

On this 5-note message to the heavens, John and Alexx have a close encounter of the episode 6 kind. Get it? No? Well, we watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Episode 5 – Suicide Squad

Tonight, our stalwart knights talk about the singularly terrible “Suicide Squad.” Spoiler: It’s singularly terrible.

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Episode 3 – The Fifth Element

In this episode John and Alexx discuss The Fifth Element. In a John and Alexx Hate Stuff first, one of us actually likes the movie.
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