Bonus Episode – Verotika

Happy Halloween! To celebrate we watched a film so scary, it caused Alexx to wet himself on the bus three weeks before he even saw it! Then to calm down, we recorded an episode about Verotika.

It’s bad! The kind of bad you don’t want to talk about, but we did.

Episode 85 – The Invisible Man

Resident optics geniuses John and Alexx discuss 2020’s The Invisible Man. Spoiler alert: He’s probably hiding underneath your bed, or so the prophecy lead us to believe.

Apologies for the slightly crappy recording quality, Alexx did a dumb. Still sounds better than your show though, newb.

Episode 84 – Hellraiser

Explorers in the further regions of experience, demons to some, angels to others, movie reviewers to all- John and Alexx continue Spooky October with Clive Barker’s “Hellraiser.” Enjoy… or find pain… they are the same within the murky climes of podcasting.

Episode Apocalypse – Fateful Findings (Alexxcast 279)

Portland is awful right now, so John and Alexx skipped this week. So please enjoy an old Alexxcast wherein John is a guest and they discuss Neil Breen’s Fateful Findings. Show resumes in two weeks with “The Lighthouse”.

Episode 82.2 – The Mandalorian Episodes 3-5

Everyone’s favorite main character of The Mandalorian is back for more episodes of The Mandalorian! Join the fellas as they figure out if any of them are worth a damn and stick around to unravel the mysteries of Baby Yoda’s feet and learn how to steam a dude. As a bonus, there’s also the most pitch-perfect Werner Herzog impression* !

*provided you’ve never heard another one and have never heard of Werner Herzog