Episode 28 – Reign of Fire

Episode 28, wherein two glands in the form of podcasters form their verbal excretions together to catch the internet ablaze! And by that I mean John and Alexx discuss “Reign of Fire”

Episode 27 – Pan’s Labyrinth

Have you ever wanted to hear a Russian impression of Guillermo del Toro? Well, we’ve got you covered! Please, get lost in this in-depth discussion of Pan’s Labyrinth.  See what I did there? Get lost…. you know, like in a labyrinth…. I’m sorry.

Episode 26 – John Wick

In this action-packed episode, John and Alexx get revenge on puppy killers by discussing “John Wick”. How is that revenge, you ask? Well, obviously you’ve never been stuck in a room with us.


Episode 25 – The Last Jedi

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… and by that I mean a few days ago in Alexx’s apartment… we discussed “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Then we floated some rocks and killed a bantha… good times.

Episode 24 – Gone in 60 Seconds

Episode 24, wherein our ragtag group of thieves attempt to steal about an hour of the listeners’ lives with prattle about Gone in 60 Seconds. Enjoy!


Episode 23 – The Big Lebowski

Episode 23, wherein a bowling team of podcasters discuss “The Big Lebowski.”

It’s like.. you know… it’s like… a thing, man… you know? – See what I’ve done there? I’ve insulted both of our intelligences by parroting The Dude’s drivel… enjoy!

Episode 22 – Mute

…. …. …. .. …… … .. … …. ….. ….. ….. Get it? I’m being mute… like the fellow in the movie, “Mute.” Which is the movie we are talking about in this episode. It’s from Netflix. I believe I’ve gotten the point across.

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Episode 21 – The Invitation

Please accept our invitation to episode 21, “The Invitation”… see what I did there? I used the title of the movie in context. See? It’s funny. Anyway, enjoy!

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