Episode 50 – The Dark Knight

Episode 50, wherein our caped crusaders point out all the non-Ledger things wrong with The Dark Knight. Also, we answer the burning question: just, on a fundamental level, why, exactly, so serious… Enjoy!

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Episode 48 – A Dark Song

In this demoniac episode, John and Alexx plumb the depths of occult ritual to discuss A Dark Song.
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Episode 47 – Annihilation

Episode 47, wherein John and Alexx turn into one another. And this time that’s not a metaphor for intercourse! Also we talked about Alex Garland’s Annihilation.
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Episode 46 – The Departed

Welcome to this cheese eating episode of JAHS, wherein we discuss The Departed. Things are Bahston yahd, wicked pissah’ etc.

Episode 45 – Venom

In this episode, John and Alexx enter into a symbiotic relationship with a garbage fire named Venom.

Episode 44 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Please, accept this supplicating gesture and join us in a discussion of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Episode 43 – Jupiter Ascending

Strap on your rocket-skates and join us as we slog through the mire that is Jupiter Ascending. Caine… Wise.

Episode 42 – Eyes Wide Shut

On this discordant piano laden episode, John and Alexx tackle Stanley Kubrick’s final film “Eyes Wide Shut.” Thankfully the episode does not end in an orgy.

Episode 41 – Batman Returns

Episode 41, in which John and Alexx discuss Batman Returns. I don’t know about you, Miss Listener, but afterwards we felt so much…. yummier.