Episode 82.3 – The Mandalorian Episodes 6-8

In this wicked pissa’ of an episode, Alexx and John finish off season 1 of Disney’s The Mandalorian. Spoiler alert: Baby Yoda does vapid cute stuff whilst Carl Weathers melts our collective heart.

Episode 82.2 – The Mandalorian Episodes 3-5

Everyone’s favorite main character of The Mandalorian is back for more episodes of The Mandalorian! Join the fellas as they figure out if any of them are worth a damn and stick around to unravel the mysteries of Baby Yoda’s feet and learn how to steam a dude. As a bonus, there’s also the most pitch-perfect Werner Herzog impression* !

*provided you’ve never heard another one and have never heard of Werner Herzog


Episode 82.1 – The Mandalorian Episodes 1-2

Alexx and John discuss The Mandalorian episodes 1-2. Spoiler alert: helmets are worn, Werners are Herzoged.

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Episode 81 – The Rise of Skywalker

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away a quaint series of movies captured the world’s imagination. Star Wars, a dashing, fun, swashbuckling adventure, full of romance, intrigue and timeless themes. Decades years later the idiot behind LOST edited a bunch of scenes together in a frenetic blur designed to distract the audience from its intrinsic awfulness. The Rise of Skywalker: a movie that happened.
Also: Alexx stans Babu Frik.

Episode 80 – Joker

The boys get twisted while checking out the latest version of that warped clown everyone knows and loves: Joaquin Phoenix.

Episode 79 – Alita Battle Angel

A futuristic, cyberpunk Pinocchio that adds some new twists (female lead, slightly more gruesome violence) while keeping the classic bits we all know and love (doing yoga poses for your dad).

Episode 78 – Wonder Woman

Who better to discuss the feminism of this summer blockbuster than your favorite pair of sweaty, middle-aged white dudes! No, not those twins on the scooters, I’m talking about John and Alexx.

Episode 77 – Alice in Wonderland

’Twas brillig, and the podcast hosts
      Did quarantine in the bade:
All wobbly were the microphone posts,
      And bad puns were made.

Beware the John-erwock, my son!
The JAHS that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Alexxcast!
Funny poetic lines, etc!

To finish off our exploration of Tim Burton we watched “Alice in Wonderland”

Episode 75 – Mars Attacks!

In this ack-isode, John and Alexx continue their exploration of Tim Burton by discussing Mars Attacks! Spoiler: Alexx is a green skeleton, whilst John is red.