Episode 130 – Top Gun

Join podcast aces John (callsign: REAPER) and Alexx (callsign: SIDE SALAD) as they take the highway to…to uh…oh man, I just had this….it’s like a place or something. Let’s say a zone. And that zone…*lowers sunglasses* ain’t safe.

Anyway, tune into find out about playing with the boys, bending the rules and why Alexx hates freedom so much.

Episode art for John And Alexx Hate Stuff Episode 130 Top Gun. It features a still of Tom Cruise from the movie Top Gun giving a thumbs up and the logo of the movie.

Episode 127 – Blade Runner: The Final Cut

What better way to wrap up loving Dick than with Cameron Harrison from the TNG podcast Green Shirts (twitter: @greenshirt87). The fellas explore some of the film’s rich themes, including “robots, huh?” and try to figure out why Cameron doesn’t like it.

Episode 125 – Minority Report

Can you imagine a world where the mere thought of crime is illegal? You can? That’s illegal and you are now under arrest.

This is not exactly the plot of Minority report, but can you imagine if it was? Again, that’s illegal and you are being arrested.

This is the first episode in the “I Love Dick” series examining the cinematic adaptations of Philip K Dick’s works. Next up: Total Recall (1990)