Episode 71 – Altered States

Hallucinations, living with dolphins and dick bones. Also this Ken Russell film is discussed at some point.

Episode 70 – Super

Episode 70, in which our heroes watch “Super” then beat each other to death with crescent wrenches. Spoiler alert! Alexx’s skull breaks first.

Episode 69 – Alien Covenant

What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us? Trying to make the perfect being out of black goo and leg bones of other people like one of us?

Episode Sick Day – The Perfect Weapon

John was too sick to handle watching Ready Player One. So here’s an old Alexxcast episode where John and Alexx discuss Steven Seagal’s “The Perfect Weapon.”

Regular JAHS returns next episode with Ready Player One.

Episode 67 – Doctor Mordrid

This doctor is a little…strange, but teaches us to laugh about love and inter-dimensional wizardy.

Episode 66 – Spawn

Man, this movie must have completed principle photography in South Africa, because talk about Cape-town! Yeah, I’m sorry too. Anyway, we watched Spawn.

Episode 65 – Watchmen

The role of superheroes as reactionary tools in a geopolitical hellscape is replaced by slow motion jumping. in the movie version of Watchmen. Alexx gets mad at computer passwords and John has read one book he won’t shut up about.

Episode 64 – Her

Hi. I’m an OS writing this episode description. Are you in love with me yet? No? Well, what about after I write you this piano piece? Good, now that you’re in love please enjoy John and Alexx’s discussion of Her.
Also I’m in space now… with Poochie.

Bonus Episode – The Crow

This Devil’s night John and Alexx offer up a bonus episode discussing The Crow. Spoilers: they fire It up.